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Growing virtual communities in 3D meeting spaces
Kaplan, F., McIntyre, A., Numaoka, C. and Tajan, S.
Growing virtual communities in 3D meeting spaces.
In Heudin, J-C., editor, Proceedings of Virtual Worlds 98, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1434, pages 286-297, Berlin, 1998. Springer-Verlag.


Most existing 3D virtual worlds are based on a "meeting-space" model, conceived as an extension of textual chat systems. An attractive 3D interface is assumed to be sufficient to encourage the emergence of a community. We look at some alternative models of virtual communities, and explore the issue of promoting community formation in a 3D meeting space. We identify some essential or desirable features needed for community formation - Identity, Expression, Building, Persistence and Focus of Interest. For each, we discuss how the requirements are met in existing text-based and 3D environments, and then show how they might be met in future 3D virtual world systems.

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